The main topic of Feudal Strife.

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The main topic of Feudal Strife.

Post  BrotherDithrick on Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:08 pm

Feudal Strife is a forum website that allows other Medieval fanatics discuss their favorite topics in the Medieval times. Such as: Castles, siege weapons, knights, kings, countries that existed back then, and various things that relate to it. Feel free to discuss anything you see fit for the forum but please do NOT post topics about other things that are not related to Medieval times. There will be an off topic forum dedicated to things not related to the subject and that is where they belong. If a moderator or the admin finds a post that is not related to Medieval times in a forum that is not off topic, the user who posted it will be suspended or (in some cases) banned. Enjoy posting and discussing!

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